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Our Difference

At Grace & Porta Benefits, we provide our clients with unmatched benefit and human capital management systems.

Many people don't realize that while insurance rates may be the same regardless of which provider you choose, there is more to consider when selecting a plan than the financial cost.

Don't Just Find Insurance; Find the Right Insurance

What we can offer your business goes beyond a list of insurers and plans. We work with each of our clients to address the unique benefits, HR, and human capital management systems challenges they face and find the ideal solutions. Unlike other companies that distribute the same cookie-cutter-solutions to every business that comes to them for advice, we get to know our clients, their businesses, and the needs of their employees to develop custom options and recommendations that will best fit the company in question. We are a local insurance provider with national-level pricing and resources, so you can be sure that every option that could be advantageous to your business will be considered in creating your employee benefit plan.

Compliance, Automation, and Integration

Not only do we work hard to find our clients the best possible benefits to meet their needs, but we stay committed and vigilant throughout our affiliation. We provide compliance auditing, benefit compliance solutions and checklists, and annual notices to let our clients know when they need to take action to avoid penalties and ensure that they stay informed and compliant. Our expertise doesn't stop at benefits and insurance. We also provide business solutions and integration for all of your human capital management systems and HR needs. Through our many reliable professional partnerships, we are able to offer our clients a unique caliber of consultation and integration services, making each managerial task you face as a business owner or operator simpler. Our partners range from benefit attorneys to national management solution firms like ADP and NFP, allowing us to help you create more efficient and effective processes when it comes to running your business.

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