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Annual Notices

Working with a team of professional benefit consultants and brokers such as Grace & Porta can bring you many advantages when it comes to choosing, distributing, and managing your group benefits. The most difficult part of offering a diverse benefit package to your employees is keeping up with legislation, mandates, and policies that require action on your part. Knowing what information you need to deliver to employees and when can become a monumental task without professional help. When you choose Grace & Porta, we make this undertaking simple by providing you with all of the materials and checklists you need to stay one hundred percent compliant.

An important part of compliance as it applies to benefits is letting your employees know when there are changes or action needed regarding their benefits. We can provide you with the notices that you need to deliver to employees including forms and memos regarding plan changes and changes to laws and regulations. We keep our clients in the loop with annual notices that let you know when it's time to take action in order to stay compliant.

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