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Employee Benefit Planning Program

At Grace & Porta, we have a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of offering each type of group benefit you may be considering for your employees. The greatest advantage to your business that a solid benefits package offers is helping you create a comprehensive compensation package that will attract quality talent to your company. Pay is only a fraction of the deal that your employees buy into when being hired, and in order to secure skilled long-term employees, you should be providing more than just an adequate paycheck.

During our needs analysis stage, we will get to know your business and the current and future needs of your employees to help you craft the ideal benefits package to fit your company. Each business is unique, and therefore, the ideal benefits package should be as well. While assessing your business’ needs, we will analyze the cost to your business, your employees, and the advantages that each piece of the potential plan would provide. Then, we will present you with a proposed benefits package that we believe will give your company an edge over its competitors in the hiring market.

Grace & Porta can help you understand how your pay, bonuses, and incentive programs compare to your competitors. Our compensation consulting service offerings include:

  • Competitive market analysis
  • Base salary programs
  • Bonus and incentive programs
  • Effective communication of compensation programs
  • Specific market comparison studies
  • Compensation plan strategy and objectives
  • Compliance testing (FLSA)
  • Performance appraisal programs
  • Specialized compensation program studies
  • Customized surveys

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