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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is an important part of offering comprehensive group benefits to your employees. According to the Mayo Clinic, dental health is more closely related to overall health than most people know, and oral complications and disease can have an impact on other areas of physical health. Therefore, by offering dental insurance to your employees, you will not only ensure that their oral health and hygiene can be treated when needed, but it can also be viewed as a preventative measure against degradation of overall health.

Despite recent studies that point to the many benefits of good dental care and hygiene, only about half of small businesses offer their employees dental insurance. By including dental insurance in your group plans, you can create a more appealing benefits package and attract high-quality employees who are seeking comprehensive coverage. At Grace & Porta, we make choosing the right combination of group benefits simple. We offer a selection of dental insurance plans, and we can work with you, analyzing your business, employee needs, and expenses, to find the right plan for your company.

For more information about our group dental insurance plans and how to select the right plan for your business, contact us today.