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Health Insurance

Now more than ever, health care is at the forefront of people’s minds. Employers are constantly struggling with how to provide affordable health benefits to their employees while employees struggle to keep up with their share of the cost of health care for them and their families. This struggle has only become even more difficult with recent global economic pressures. During these times, it is more important than ever to partner with a benefits advisor who understands the macro issues in the health care industry while also taking time to understand the specific issues that you and your employees are facing.

We provide employers with long-term value by delivering the best health coverage at the best rates possible. From traditional employer-sponsored insurance plans and consumer-directed health plans to voluntary benefit solutions such as limited benefit medical programs, we have the ability to actively engage your employees in cost control through education and empowerment.

Our Health Care Products and Services

  • Consumer Directed Health Care (HSA, HRA, FSA)
  • Self-funded Plans
  • Traditional solutions, including HMO, PPO, POS
  • Health Plan Modeling Tools
  • Individual Medical
  • Limited Benefit Medical Plans
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Retiree Medical

Self-Funded Plans

Health care costs continue to be the single greatest benefits expense for plan sponsors today. Self funding solutions offer plan sponsors flexibility to custom design a benefits program that best meets the needs of their employees while also having the ability to take an active role in controlling health care expenses through risk management techniques. Grace & Porta has the experience, resources, and premier partners to help plan sponsors take control of their health care costs.

  • Cash flow benefit: Plan sponsor’s cash flow is improved when money formerly held by the insurance carrier in the form of reserves for unreported and pending claims is freed for use by the plan sponsor.
  • Elimination of most premium tax: There is no premium tax on the self-insured claim expenditures. Premium tax is applied only to the stop loss premium, which is a fraction of a fully insured premium.
  • Lower administration costs: Employers find that administrative costs for a self-insured program administered through a TPA are significantly lower than those included in the premium by an insurance carrier or HMO.
  • Plan design control: Self-funding gives employers the flexibility to create and redesign their plans to best meet needs of the employer and employees.
  • National provider networks: Ability to customize provider networks to meet employee needs and accommodate multi-state employers.
  • State-mandated benefits are optional: State regulations mandating costly benefits are optional because self-funding is regulated by federal legislation only.
  • Reporting: Monthly detailed reporting of costs by location, department, and type of medical service. Utilization and lag reports should also be available. Fund disbursement journals should be provided electronically.

Self-Funded Products and Services

  • Administrative Services Only (ASO)
  • Stop Loss
  • Risk Management (MGU)
  • Medical Claims Analytics
  • Disease/Care Management

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