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Quarantine Bingo

It's officially Week 4 of Michigan's Stay at Home order, but many of us have been working from home for longer than that. Has time lost all meaning to you? Have you forgotten the feel of the wind in your hair? The sun on your back? Grass beneath your feet? Have you even forgotten your own name?


Well, we can't help you with those things... But if you have also forgotten what fun feels like and you miss the element of not-complete-predictability that used to be a part of your everyday life, then look no further! We've devised a game you can play from the confinement -- I mean comfort -- of your own home... Quarantine Bingo!

Here's how to play.

  1. Print off bingo chart.
  2. Read Grace & Porta Quarantine Bingo list (you can also add to this list or come up with your own with your circle of players).
  3. Circle numbers that apply to you.
  4. Number your bingo squares randomly with those numbers.
  5. Number pieces of paper #1-46.
  6. Choose bingo caller.
  7. Determine prize for winner.
  8. Play with family in person or friends virtually!

Here's our Quarantine Bingo list:

  1. Haven’t showered in three days
  2. Didn’t realize which day it was until 9 p.m.
  3. Went to the bathroom just for something to do
  4. Watching house plants grow has become your favorite currently-not-arrest-worthy activity
  5. Practiced a new skill acquired during quarantine
  6. Thought about learning a new skill so you could impress people with stories of what you did during quarantine and then turned on Netflix
  7. Started another new TV series
  8. Rewatched a favorite TV series
  9. Watched Tiger King
  10. Posted Tiger King meme on social media
  11. Took Tiger King personality quiz
  12. Ate body weight in Cheezits
  13. Ate body weight in Oreos
  14. Ate body weight in ice cream
  15. Broke the rules and hung out with family you don’t live with
  16. Drove your car without a destination in mind
  17. Walked outside with a mask on
  18. Walked outside maskless
  19. Got the mail in a hazmat suit
  20. Waved to fellow neighborhood walker from at least 6 feet away
  21. Arranged 3 AM clandestine social distance walk with friends
  22. Caved to familial pressures and wore a mask while grocery shopping even though you think it’s completely pointless
  23. Adjusted mask multiple times during grocery shopping
  24. Scratched nose
  25. Rubbed eye
  26. Tried to say the alphabet backwards
  27. Spent two hours huddled in a corner of your basement in mortal fear
  28. Believed for two minutes that the coronavirus is an invention of Democrats to thwart Republican political plans
  29. Believed for two minutes that the coronavirus is an invention of Republicans to thwart Democrats’ political plans
  30. Thought of exposing yourself to the coronavirus just to end the suspense
  31. Broke down and tried this adult coloring thing
  32. Facetimed greatest enemy just to look at a person’s face
  33. Started having full-on two-way conversations with pets
  34. Tried a new recipe and burned it
  35. Tried a new recipe and loved it
  36. Believed in The Matrix for 5 minutes
  37. Believed that none of this is really real, you’re just dreaming of a new Twilight Zone episode
  38. Believed that this is Phase 1 of an alien plan to take over the planet
  39. Convinced yourself you’re going to meet all your New Years’ Resolutions during quarantine
  40. Officially gave up on all your New Years’ Resolutions during quarantine
  41. Questioned why you ever had kids
  42. Questioned why you ever got married
  43. Questioned why you’re not married
  44. Lost weight during quarantine
  45. Gained weight during quarantine
  46. Daily feign confidence when answering your child’s homework questions but are pretty sure they’re all going to have to repeat this school year