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How HR technology is helping us return to the office

Robert Hicks



by Robert Hicks, Group HR Director of Reward Gateway, an employee engagement company

In this new world we're living in, you might forget what day of the week you're on. But for me, I know that on Fridays, it's "survey prep day." 


Now our employees love this benefit – they can use the money for anything from a new treadmill to language lessons or sleep aids. But the process now is that they go and fill out a Google form on our platform, which my team then has to manually process.


For future wellbeing windows, we’ll be able to use our own benefits automation product to manage the benefit across all our geographies. 


So when we tell staff they can apply for this year’s allowance, we’ll greatly reduce the admin typically needed for this much-loved benefit by as much as 50%! We’ll also have better reporting on how much employees are requesting and what they are using it for, which will feed into the Total Reward Statements we have just launched globally. I’m happy that this means that our People team will have to answer fewer questions on how much someone has left to spend.


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Robert Hicks

Robert Hicks

Reward Gateway



Robert is the Group HR Director at Reward Gateway, an employee engagement company. In his spare time he goes to gigs, watches football and cricket and enjoys the odd ski weekend.